Rotary Car Lifts

Rotary Car Lifts

Well-known for their heavy duty two post lifts, Rotary Lift has become the nation’s leading manufacturer of two post car lifts. 

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Two Post Lifts

Rotary continually improve their designs and engineering – and they are not stopping anytime soon. Rotary Lift currently offers two different two post lift models to better suit your individual needs.

Rotary’s Symmetrical Two Post Lifts always have a fixed base and the arms move up and down together. Rotary Lift Symmetrical Two Post lifts are most commonly used in commercial or industrial applications, but they can also be used in the home garage with limited space. The most popular Symmetrical two post lift is their SR2-5S which has an estimated reach of 10 feet. Their Asymmetrical Two Post Lifts have two arms that move separately from the base. Rotary Lift Asymmetrical Two Post lifts are most commonly used in garages where space is limited.

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Four Post Lifts

Four post lifts are used in four different areas of business with four very specific demands. To get the most out of your four post lift you need to buy the right four post lift for the job at hand.

Rotary four post lifts are four post lifts specially designed to hoist vehicles of all kinds. Rotary four post lifts are made specifically for heavy duty work on four wheelers, cars, trucks etc. Rotary lifts are also ideal for garages because they can lift anything that needs to be serviced. Garage four post lifts are the most commonly used, but , automotive dealerships, trucking companies and auto repair businesses can benefit from Rotary four post lifts as well.

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In Ground Lifts

Get your wheel alignment results in 70 seconds

Here at American Equipment Sales we offer Rotary in ground lifts for both commercial and residential uses. Rotary lifts are a great choice for anyone who needs to work on cars, trucks, vans or almost anything else with wheels. In ground rotary lifts have the added benefit of being even more secure than traditional straight in ground lifts due to their locking cable system. The cable can be locked by using a padlock at any height allowing you to keep your lift completely safe when not in use.

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Rotary In ground lifts by American Equipment Sales

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts that keep you ahead of the game.

If your floor is working with limited space, you will need to get the help of a scissor lift. It is one of the most used Rotary lifts in factories, warehouses, garages, and by mechanics.

Scissor lifts are also known as vertical mast or column-mounted single mast or double masts which are electric type aerial work platforms. Most of the time they are preferred because of their foldable out design which can be folded when not in use. These lifts are easy to be transported from one place to another which makes them ideal for all types of working conditions with less space area where you cannot get any crane or forklift truck inside easily.

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Alignment Lifts

Here at American Equipment Sales we offer rotary alignment lifts to help you get the best alignment possible on your vehicles. Whether you need to align an SUV or heavy-duty truck, we carry the right rotary alignment lift for you. Our models include the ARO14, AR18, ARO22, and XA14XF. To learn more about our rotary lifts for sale, contact our staff today.

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