Wheel Balancers

Wheel Balancers

Here at AES we offer Hunters full-line of wheel balancers that provide the fastest and most efficient balance.

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Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer

The world’s fastest wheel balancer! Fastest speed in its class, easy to use and maintain with a large display that makes checking your balance simple.

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HD Elite™ Wheel Balancer

With the power of Hunter’s Road Force® Elite, servicing heavy duty bus and truck wheels is a breeze! With patented vision system capabilities designed specifically for this problem area you’ll be able to diagnose any vibration issues with ease.

The Hunter HD Elite is the industry’s most advanced professional wheel balancer. It offers unmatched performance, precision, and convenience.

This superior road force balancer uses high-definition (HD) technology to deliver fast, accurate results without tires ever leaving the vehicle. It offers better accuracy than an inertia-based machine, requires less maintenance than a magnetic unit, and is faster than both.

HD technology uses an HD camera to capture subframe images of the vehicle underneath. A powerful computer then overlays these images to reveal the tire’s position within the subframe.

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SmartWeight® Elite Wheel Balancer

Hunter’s patented vision system provides the ultimate in balancing speed and convenience with automatic dimension entry, centering check
and rim runout diagnostics.

American Equipment Sales is proud to present its SmartWeight® Elite Wheel Balancer. Along with an improved design, the SmartWeight® Elite includes a newly added speed sensor to the wheel balancer’s base. This allows for unparalleled precision in measuring both radial runout and lateral runout at up to six times the rate of previous Hunter models.

With its new smart technology, weatherproof platform, easy-to-use interface and safety features, the SmartWeight® Elite Wheel Balancers are designed to deliver superior accuracy while making your job easier.

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SmartWeight® Wheel Balancers

Hunter Wheel Balancers with SmartWeight Technology automatically adjust to the weight being balanced so you can remove or add lead weights as needed. You will no longer have to manually adjust the counterweights.

The SmartWeight technology is user-friendly and can save time on balancing jobs. There are five different sets of weights that come with the balancer. Changing out the weight sets is easy to do with no tools needed. The three basic settings allow the tech to use the lightest set for more delicate wheels, medium weight for standard performance, and heavy for trucks or semi-trailers. Selecting “Advanced” allows techs to choose individual wheel weights rather than swapping out all four at once.

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