Tire Changers

Tire Changers

A full line of powerful tire changers that will meet any shop’s needs.

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Hunter Revolution™ Tire Changer

The Revolution is the easiest to use and most award-winning tire machine in its industry.

The Hunter Revolution™ Tire Changer is the most accurate, safest and easiest to use on the market. It features Hunter’s patented WalkAway™ Technology which allows you to leave the machine safely while it’s working without fear of damaging the tires or wheels.

What makes this tire changer so unique? Well, here are just a few of its outstanding features:

Patented WalkAway™ Technology – The WalkAway feature of this tire changer makes it possible for you to break the bead without leaving the machine. This has many benefits including allowing for extra time when needed due to stuck or stubborn beads. It also saves your back because you won’t have to lift heavy tires onto a stand before breaking them loose!

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Center-Clamp Tire Changers

The Auto34R, TC39 and family of tire changers features a simple damage-free clamping system. They also use the popular mounting / demount technologies for easy installation on any type vehicle!

Hunter offers four models of center-clamp tire changers for use in automotive and light truck service centers.

The center-clamp tire changers provide a reliable and economical means of changing tires on today’s vehicles that require run flat or low air pressure tires. The Hunter center-clamp tire changer quickly clamps securely to the wheel so it can be easily removed from the vehicle after use. No need to worry about customers forgetting their lugs, as the device features an internal lock mechanism. Simply install four plastic locking caps over lug studs before tightening down with a ratchet for additional safety and security! The internal clamping mechanism lets you remove a wheel without putting any stress on it first, which ensures long life of expensive alloy wheels.

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Table-Top Tire Changers

Hunter’s table-top tire changer is the most powerful and versatile you can buy. With multiple helper options, there are always great choices available!

Hunter tire machines are the best  tire changers in the industry, but when it comes to changing large tractor tires , there is no replacement for a professional table top tire machine. This standard unit features two-inch diameter pneumatic wheels that are strong enough to handle big farm equipment tires with ease. At just over 10 feet in length, this unit can be fitted into most workshops and garages without taking up too much space. It’s the perfect addition to any commercial or agricultural garage!

What sets our table top tire machines apart from others on the market is their heavy duty construction that includes tubular steel frame components and an all steel welded base stand.

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Heavy-Duty Tire Changers

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

Hunter’s heavy duty tire changer is a safe and effective way to change tires. Its ergonomic design ensures that technicians won’t be able-bodiedstrate back or hand fatigue from using this equipment, while also being easy on their hands so they can continue working without hesitation!

There are models optimized for over the road services like trucking companies need as well; we’ve got you covered no matter where your location takes them!

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Maverick™ Tire Changer

Change the way you change tires

The Hunter Maverick is the perfect tool for a variety of tire changing needs. The Maverick is the perfect choice for beginner, expert and everyday use with its ergonomic design and ultimate control. With precise steering, adjustable speed settings and oversized bed to ensure a reliable grip on any tire size, the Maverick brings efficiency and convenience to any automotive repair shop! The combination of thoughtful features make it an ideal choice for tire service professionals who want ultimate control over their work. Whether you’re in need of big jobs or small adjustments, the Maverick has you covered. Get started today with Hunter’s latest innovation in Tire Changers

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