Alightment Machines

Alightment Machines

The leading Wheel Alignment Machines In The Industry

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Hunter ADAS Solutions ADASLink & DAS3000

Hunter’s innovative ADASLink® diagnostic scan tool powered by Bosch allows you to take control of ADAS calibrations.

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WinAlign HD Wheel Alignment System

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

The WinAlign HD enables wheel angles to be captured in 2.5 minutes which provides true wheel orientation, direction and dynamic position information. This is done by placing one sensor on each side of each wheel axle and another sensor on the front of the vehicle. The sensors communicate with an interface box which transmits data from all four sides of the vehicle to a laptop computer.

QuickGrip® adaptors

  • Fast installation
  • No metal-to-metal contact
  • 2.5 minute inspection using Quick Check® Heavy Duty spec
  • No additional software or hardware required
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Hunter HawkEye Elite® Alignment Machine

Get your wheel alignment results in 70 seconds

The Hunter HawkEye Elite® alignment machine is a state-of-the-art road force balancer. This specialized automotive equipment allows technicians to perform pinpoint precise wheel alignments, which will ultimately enhance the safety and performance of vehicles on or off the road. The main components of this automotive equipment are: an alignment rack, which holds the vehicle in place, wheel platters that lock onto the wheel and allow measurements to be taken, and four wheel lasers used to determine wheel angles. This equipment is available for purchase at any of our locations.

The four precision cameras provide measurements with pinpoint accuracy. The Hunter QuickGrip® adaptors are light and narrow, making them efficient for readings

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Fastest  Wheel Alignment Procedure

Only with a HawkEye Elite® can a 70 second alignment check be completed.

Minimal setup time

One trip around the vehicle means faster alignments.

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Standard Wheel Alignment Machines

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle trucks

Hunter’s HawkEye® and ProAlign alignment machines provide quick, accurate readings with powerful software. The high-tech imaging technology makes it easy to see what kind of misalignment you’re dealing with – no more guessing or using old methods that don’t work anymore!

ProAlign® Alignment Systems

  • Pro-Comp Compensation
  • Two-camera sensors or traditional wheel-mounted sensors
  • HawkEye® Digital Imaging Technology
  • Self-centering adaptors
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